1. Construction

    Ground and space analysis, volumetric creation of the architecture and development of solutions with functional layout.

  2. Renovations

    Of architecture and interiors of an existing structure aiming at a safe, functional and aesthetically pleasing space.

  3. Style consultancy

    Study, mapping and visual definition of the client’s style, so that their personality can be translated into each space in a coherent way.

  4. Interior consultancy

    Opinion regarding the space; Support in the choice of materials, furniture and objects; Follow-up of the project and construction, with supervision of all teams involved.

  5. Interiors & decoration

    Aesthetic and functional solutions for the spaces, including models of furniture and decoration, specification of coverings, wallpapers, accessories and ornaments

    • Furniture

    • Landscaping

    • Lighting


In every new project Mariana begins studying the client´s personality: “We need to understand the client aiming to create the perfect equation between the client and the office”. From this equation, we create the concept of the project, which should always have a history, a “why”. It is with the concept developed and approved that we start drawing, with the assertiveness and the resourcefulness that only a project derived from a great creative process can have. The design is always inspired by the client's identity, it blends in with our refined and elegant aesthetics, in addition to being careful considering details, concerned with the functionality of spaces, minimalist and integrated with nature.

  1. Study

  2. Analyze

  3. Translate

  4. Design project

  5. Project execution

  6. Follow-up


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